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Muhammad Umar Chapra

Muhammad Umar Chapra

He has lectured widely at a number of universities and professional institutes in different countries around the world, including the Harvard Law School, Loughborough University, UK, the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies, LSE etc.


Morality and justice in Islamic economics and finance

Mankind is faced with a number of serious problems that demand an effective solution. The prevalence of injustice and the frequency of financial crises are two of the most serious of these problems. Consisting of an in-depth introduction along with ...

Muhammad Umar Chapra Yoksulluk- Sosyal Adalet 2014


Islam and economic development: a strategy for development with justice and stability

Expanded version of a paper presented at the Seminar on Islamic Economics, held in Cairo in September, ...

Muhammad Umar Chapra Yoksulluk- Sosyal Adalet 2007


Shari’ah and Economic Basis o f Prohibition of Interest

Paper read at the International Conferen ce on Islamic Banking and Finance: Foundation and Contemporary Issues, Universiti Brunei Darussalam, January ...

Muhammad Umar Chapra Finans 2004