Seif Eldin Ibrahim Tag Eldin

Seif Eldin Ibrahim Tag Eldin

14 Adet Eser

Seif Ibrahim Tag el-Din is Professor of Economics at Imam University, Saudi Arabia. Author of over 35 research papers, discussion papers and encyclopedia entries.

Allocative and Stabilizing Functions of Zakah in an Islamic Economy

Paper presented to the International Seminar on Islamic Economics organised by I.I.I.E. Islamabad, 6-10 July 1986. Argues that zakah plays a stabilising role in the economy and allocates resources in favour of the poorer sections of the society. It helps even out the imperfections created by the market mechanism. For economists. Based on primary sources. Documented.

Comments on Fahim Khan’s “Macro-consumption Function in an Islamic Framework

Comments on Fahim Khan’s paper (JRIE, 1:2). Argues . on the basis of lengthy mathematical analysis that the basic mathematical axioms of the model are not consistent with the object of the analysis. Concludes that in the model higher levels of taqwd are inconsistent with spending in the way of Allah and that an altruistic person is ready to trade-off after-life reward for worldly pleasures. Finally, the model does not allow for the collectivist nature of Muslim communities. Mathematical. For economists only. Undocumented.