Muhammad Umar Chapra

Muhammad Umar Chapra

71 Adet Eser

He has lectured widely at a number of universities and professional institutes in different countries around the world, including the Harvard Law School, Loughborough University, UK, the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies, LSE etc.

Morality and justice in Islamic economics and finance

Mankind is faced with a number of serious problems that demand an effective solution. The prevalence of injustice and the frequency of financial crises are two of the most serious of these problems. Consisting of an in-depth introduction along with a selection of eight of Muhammad Umer Chapra's essays--four on Islamic economics and four on Islamic finance--this timely book raises the question of what can be done to not only minimize the frequency and severity of the financial crises, but also make the financial system more equitable. The author considers the origins of Islamic economics and outlines its development and underlying principles. He compares the approach taken to ethics and economics in Islam with that taken in the West, considering whether lessons can be applied to the global financial architecture in order to mitigate against financial crises. The book also examines the case against interest and looks at both innovation in Islamic finance, as well as challenges facing the industry. Written by a leading authority in the field, this book will be a stimulating resource for students and researchers in Islamic economics and finance, as well as providing valuable insight to all of those with an interest in financial systems and their interaction with society.

Diğer Finans 2009

The Global Financial Crisis: Can Islamic Finance Help

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Islam and economic development: a strategy for development with justice and stability

Expanded version of a paper presented at the Seminar on Islamic Economics, held in Cairo in September, 1988.

Shari’ah and Economic Basis o f Prohibition of Interest

Paper read at the International Conferen ce on Islamic Banking and Finance: Foundation and Contemporary Issues, Universiti Brunei Darussalam, January 5-7

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Regulation and Supervision of Islamic Banks

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