Ahmed Abdel-Fattah El-Ashker

Ahmed Abdel-Fattah El-Ashker

9 Adet Eser

Makale Finans 1988

The Egyptian Example of Islamic Banking: Past, Present and Future

In: BRISMES, Proceedings of the 1988 Conference on Middle Eastern Studies

The Islamic Business Enterprise

Describes the historical background, foundation and distinctive features of Islamic economics. Discusses legal forms of business enterprise in Islam. Analyses the financial statements of three Islamic banks and six commercial and industrial enterprises. Draws conclusions for an Islamic business enterprise model. Bibliography. For Muslim economists, bankers and general readers. Based on primary sources. Documented.

On the Islamic Theory of Consumer Behaviour: An Empirical Study in a Non-Islamic Country

Reviews the theory of consumer behaviour in Islam Investigates the consumer behaviour of Muslims living in Scotland on the basis of a sample survey. Concludes that Muslims assign the second highest priority to spending on social responsibilities after meeting their basic needs. However about two-thirds of the sample revealed that they put their savings in interest-earning accounts.Suggests that Islamic banks should reduce their minimum deposit limit and also inform Muslims about riba and the working of Islamic banks. An empirical study. For Muslim economists. Analytical. Based on primary sources. Documented.