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Munawar Iqbal

Munawar Iqbal


The Islamic debt market for sukuk securities: the theory and practice of profit sharing investment

The relatively new sukuk (or Islamic debt securities) markets have grown to more than US $800 billion over the past decade, and continue to grow at a rate of around 20-30 per cent per year. Arguably the first of its kind, this path-breaking book ...

Mohammad Ariff Munawar Iqbal Shamsher Mohamad Finans 2012


The foundations of Islamic banking: theory, practice and education

Examines the roots of the principles of ethical Islamic financial transactions, which have evolved over several millennia, on issues including usury, interest rates, and financial contracting for funding enterprises, mortgages, leasing and other ...

Mohammad Ariff Munawar Iqbal Finans 2011


Thirty Years of Islamic Banking: History, Performance and Prospects

This is a general treatise on theoretical foundations of Islamic banking, the Islamic banking model, history and growth of Islamic banks, performance and efficiency of Islamic banks and some of the challenges facing Islamic banking in the 21st ...

Munawar Iqbal Philip Mlyneux Finans 2004


Banking and financial systems in the Arab world

This book mostly look s at the banking system in the Middle East. Islamic banking is touched in ...

Philip Molyneux Munawar Iqbal Finans 2004


Islamic Economic Institutions and the Elimination of Poverty

for the Forth International Conference on Islamic Economics and Banking, held at Loughborough Univ., UK, August 13-15, ...

Munawar Iqbal İktisadi Düşünce 2002


Islamic Banking and Finance: New Perspectives on Profit Sharing and Risk

Over 200 Islamic banks - including some of the largest multinational banks - now operate in non-Muslim as well as Muslim countries. This work discusses Islamic financial theory and practice, and focuses on the opportunities offered by Islamic ...

Munawar Iqbal David T. Llewellyn Finans 2002