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Muhammad Abdul Mannan

Muhammad Abdul Mannan

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Effects of Zakat Assessment and Collection on the Redistribution of Income

Paper presented at the Seminar on Management or Zakah in a Modern Muslim Society held at Karachi during April—May 1985 organised by Central Zakah Administration of Pakistan. Raises certain issues relating to nisab, collection and distribution of ...

Muhammad Abdul Mannan Yoksulluk- Sosyal Adalet 1989

Kitap Bölümü

The Frontiers of Islamic Economics

Subject Matter And Scope Of Islamic ...

Muhammad Abdul Mannan İktisadi Düşünce 1989


Islam and the New International Economic Order

Paper presented to the International Seminar on Islamic Economics for University Teachers organised by I.I.I.E. in August—Septernber 1987. There is an acute need for the establishment of a new economic order for the Muslim umma. This can be ...

Muhammad Abdul Mannan Uluslararası iktisat 1987

Kitap Bölümü

The Institution of Waqf: Its Religious and Socio-Economic Roles and Implications

Discusses eight rules of the Sharfa relating to waqf. Describes the historical role of waqƒ in promoting ideology and education. Identifies three issues which need discussion. Some of the Contemporary implications of waqf are: waqƒ can be used as ...

Muhammad Abdul Mannan Yoksulluk- Sosyal Adalet 1987

Kitap Bölümü

The Socio-economic Limits of Individual-Society-State Relationship in Islamic Economics

Presents an integrated model of the Islamic social framework. It is based onthe following criteria: (a) equilibrium between work and worship; (b) human equality; (c) mutual responsibilities in society; (1) distributive justice; (e)balanced and ...

Muhammad Abdul Mannan Ekonomi- Politik 1987