Sabahattin Zaim

Sabahattin Zaim

13 Adet Eser

Recent Interpretations on Economic Aspect of Zakah

Paper presented to the Seminar on Management of Zakah in.a Modern Muslim Society at Karachi during April-May, 1985 organised by Central Zakah Administration of Pakistan. A lucid and non-rigorous statement on the zakah law. Synthesises contemporary issues on zakcih. States the economic role of zakah in the light of recent experiences. For Muslim economists.

Islamic Economics as a System based on Human Values

Paper presented to the Baden-Baden Symposium during 6-8 May, 1981. Stresses the need for a new paradigm in economics. Introduces Islamic economics as a subject. Defines Islamic economics. States the values, methodology, objectives, institutions and the analytical framework. Tries to show how Islamic economics would change the entire outlook and the way it would be different from Western economics. A scholarly paper which synthesises the literature on Islamic economics as an independent economists. discipline. For Economists. Documented.

Contemporary Turkish literature on islamic economics

This research report is concerned with the mass of material on Islamic economics, written in Turkish language during the last fifty years of Republican period. Therefore, the very rich materials, written during the Ottoman Period, are not covered. More than four thousand books were published during the last fifty years related to the topics of Islam. Out of them, about seven per cent are devoted to the specific subject of Islamic economics which are composed or translated by Turkish authors. The articles published in periodicals are excluded from these figures. Actually they are incomplete, for systematic classification of articles in National Library started only after 1950. Totally, four per cent of publications related to Islamic economics were printed before 1950, 22 per cent were published during the period of 1950 to 1960 and 74 per cent, that is, three-quarters are outcome of the period after 1960. In the original text, these publications were classified according to the periods, topics, writer, publisher, etc., and the contents of the composed books summarized and annotated. In other words, this research report was originally arranged as an Annotated Bibliography, and on a subject-classification system. In this book, it is rearranged on a subject classification system without annotation.