Yazar : N. M. Ghifari

Nabi Karim ki Ma'ashi Zindagi (Economic Life of the Noble Prophet)

An Historical account of the economic aspects of the life of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Also discusses the economic policies of the early-day Islamic State. Romantic. Descriptive. Based on primary sources. Documented.

Islâm kã Qanun-e-Mahäsil (Islamic Law of Taxation)

An elementary book on the Islamic law of taxation. Discusses taxes and expenditure of the early Islamic state. Romantic. Descriptive. For general readers. Documented.

Islam ka Qanun-e-Tijarat (Islam's Law of Trade)

An elementary compilation on the history, basic principles, juridical rules and zakah rules on stock-in-trade. Covers lawful and unlawful trade practices including riba. A non-rigorous, simple statement for general readers. Romantic. Based on primary sources. Documented.

Insurance ki Sharî Haithiyat' (Legal Position of Insurance)

A comprehensive essay on insurance. Argues that insurance is unlawful because it involves ribã, gambling and certain forms of fraud. Counters the arguments put forward by proponents of insurance. Suggests two amendments to modify the prevalent Contract of insurance. Based on Secondary sources. Rhetorical jargon. For religious scholars and general readers.

Anhadrat ki Ma‘ashi Ta‘limat (Economic Teachings of the Prophet)

A simple and brief description of the basic economic concepts of Islam. For laymen. Based on primary sources. Documented.

Ijara and Its Modern Application

Paper presented to the Seminar on Islamic Financing Techniques organised by I.I.I.E. at Islamabad in December 1984. The first part describes definition, kinds and rules of ijara. The second part discusses the modern concept of leasing, hire-purchase, instalment-sales, economic role of ijara in BMR, capital goods industry, transport, medium and small sectors, and agriculture sector. Also discusses the application of leasing in foreign trade. Recommends leasing as a mode of financing in the Islamic economy. But has doubts about the legality of leasing in case of obsolescence and heavy losses to the lessee. Based on primary sources. Documented. For economists and bankers.

Maujuda Nizam-e-lnsurance aur Islam ka Nizam-e-Takaful (Present Day Insurance and Islam’s Public Maintenance System)

In the first part, evaluates the present-day insurance business and considers it repugnant to Islam. In the second part, explains Islam’s system of public maintenance and the role of the state. Descriptive. Romantic. Documented.

Riba aur Mudarabat (Riba and Mudaraba)

A compendium of Urdu translations of primary sources from all four schools ofjurisprudence on riba and mudaraba. A source book forI lawyers and researchers. Documented.