Yazar : Gillian Forster

The influence of islamic values on management practice

"The Influence of Islamic Values on Management Practice is a cultural study which examines how Islamic values influence management practice. In contrast with current academic thinking on the role of Islam in management, this book reveals that in this part of the Arab World, where there is a pull away from tradition towards modernity, there is a shared perspective from those 'doing management' that Islamic values do not, and should not, have any greater institutional influence on management practice than, for example, Christianity might have in a (secular) Christian country. But what emerges with equal clarity is that Islamic values influence management practice through each individual's own religiosity. The influence can therefore be conscious and deliberate, or unconscious and osmotic, formative or marginal, depending on the individual's own beliefs. Using Morocco as a case study, and through academic research and actual business managers working in this context, this text explores and explains how national characteristics, including Islam, shape management practice"--