Yazar : G. Attia

Financial Instruments used by Islamic Banks

Monetary and Financial Theory and Institutions

Makale Finans 1984

How the Central B anks can Accommodate Islamic Banking?

Explains the difficulties of Islamic banking in the legal framework of interest-based banking. Proposes certain regulatory measures for central banks to control Islamic banks. An abridged version of his paper presented to the Islamic Banking Conference, held in London (September 1984). Undocumented.

How Do Central Monetary Authorities or National Banking Regulations Accommodate Islamic Banking Proposals?

A talk delivered at the International Conference on Islamic Banking: Its Impact on World Financial and Commercial Practices, organised by the Middle East Association and Monadnock International in London on 18 September, 1984. Reviews the practices of Islamic banks and makes a number of suggestions about disclosures in the balance sheet of an Islamic Bank. Descriptive. For bankers and lawyers. Undocumented.