Yazar : Baqir al-Sadr

Islami Iqtisadiyat ka Ja'iza (A Discourse on Islamic Economics)

Distinguishes between Islamic economics and Islamic economy. Islam does not explain the economic ups and downs. It proposes to give an economic system which is based on justice. It gives certain basic rules on which an economy can be organised in each age. It does not consist of mere moral teachings. Islam does not recognise any situation where one earns without work. It prescribes a just distribution of wealth. It does not link distribution of wealth with modes of production. The former is linked with justice, which is a permanent value while the latter changes with developments in technology. In Islam the distribution of wealth follows the principles of labour and need, i.e. the rightto a reward arises out of these two elements. However, the earned wealth can be transferred by free-will or agreement. The last part explains Islam’s laws relating to consumption and to the economic role of the state.A source book on the Shi'a point of view on Islamic economics. Sheds light on some methodological issues. Conceptual. For Muslim economists. Undocumented.