Makale İktisadi Düşünce 1978

The Debate on Islamic Socialism in Pakistan

  • Kodu: 5215
  • Eserin Orjinal İsmi: The Debate on Islamic Socialism in Pakistan
  • Türü: Makale
  • Alan: İktisadi Düşünce
  • Konu(lar): Tartışma, Sosyalizm
  • Dili: İngilizce
  • Yayın Yılı: 1978
  • Dergi İsmi: al-Mushir
  • Cilt No: 20
  • Sayı No: 1, 2, 4
  • Yayın Yeri: Rawalpindi
  • Sayfa Aralığı: 24-44, 48-72, 152-169
  • Keywords: Debate, Socialism
  • Anahtar Kelimeler: Tartışma, Sosyalizm
  • Açıklama: Surveys the various interpretations of the term ‘Islamic Socialism’ since the second half of the 19th century. Traces the evolution of this concept and its political usage by different parties. Depicts all the arguments for and against Islamic Socialism. Alongside, discusses. political developments in Pakistan and the clustering of different groups under different shades of this term, including those who oppose it. A very well researched document which depicts different versions honestly from primary sources. For general readers and economists. Documented.
  • Bilgilerin Alındığı Kaynak: Bibliografya Kaydı